Saturday, January 5, 2013

Download: Amina 2013 Album Nefsy Neb'ed / ألبوم أمينة - نفسى نبعد

Amina is a star among many, she is the nice home girl that even the biggest stars adore her and her sassy ways. She does Egypt solid each time she sings live. Four months ago she had given herself an image makeover, where she was no longer that every girl look. I am going to come out and say it, she was a lot sexier and had her makeup done in a perfect way.

Then all of sudden she has captured a whole new audience. The kind of people who put image before voice--they are many. Now that she has gotten married and had featured one of the biggest New Year concerts in Egypt, she is glad to release her latest album. Her first in about three years since her mainstream debut.  

There are 14 tracks, most of them are 100 percent Egyptian style. Amina is unafraid to let her spunky and chick side appear. She makes great dance songs where she actually puts the guy in his place. Most of her songs are happy, the kind you play at weddings and parties. But she has also some romantic and dramatic songs--some of which are head hitting. We have all been impressed by track number 14 "Ma Beikharagnesh"

I love the style of 90 percent of this album, the rest is not for me, this is a great endorsement for a popular songstress who is actually talented. The album has good and heartwarming songs, funny and catchy ones, and folksy types. Somehow she has manged to put together an album for street festivals, weddings and those lonely souls.  

Amina Album Promo - Nefsy Neb'ed / برومو ألبوم أمينة - نفسى نبعد


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