Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WATCH: The Trailer For "The Party" Movie

This is the slow season, but the first film trailer for 2013 belongs to the new movie "The Party" a mystery movie about business and the abduction of wealth Egyptian people for ransom. The lead are as follows Ahmed Eizz, Ruby and Mohamed Raggab. All worthy names and safe box office darlings.

Ahmed Eizz is the golden boy, Ruby the singer turned actress and has taken part of a number of celebrated films. I imagine Ahmed Raggab is the comic relief  though he has done some action films in the past. The movie is about the high rollers, women and wealth. There will be violence.

The trailer does not tell much  it really adds to the mystery. I like the real looking news clips about chaos and absense of law and order in today's Egypt. The movie blends real stories with fictitious ones. I am sensing it's about the abduction of a wealthy man's wife who is also caught in a love triangle.   
 اعلان فيلم الحفلة بطولة احمد عز ومحمد رجب | 2013


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