Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Listen: Latifa New Single اغنية لطيفة - أسمر | جديد 2013

Rookies are not the only ones making songs in Khaliji songs, but other more seasoned entertainers are joining the ranks. Tunisian songstress and icon is out with a radio version of her new single. A song where she is singing to the tanned colored boy toy.

Latifa's heart is in the right place. I know for sure Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Egypt are on her mind. She has always been a proud Tunisian, but it seems she has no plans to go home anytime soon. I know she continues to make media appearances and interviews. She is an icon who has many hits throughout her career. Trouble is, the last good song she recorded was about five years ago.

Latifa has her fans, I was once, I am waiting for her to dazzle me once again. Her new single did not have people like me on her mind when she recorded this random mediocre song.    

اغنية لطيفة - اسمر | نسخة راديو

اغنية لطيفة - أسمر | جديد 2013


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