Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WATCH: Elissa New Music Video Promo برومو كليب اليسا - أسعد واحدة

Elissa is back folks, and she has a new boy toy for her 2013 music video, the big splash. This is her first music video in four years and she is reuniting with Salim Turk, the talented music video director she has worked with in the past.

You do not see much, just a couple chasing one another in front of a green screen and then a posh club dancing. I feel, Elissa has nothing new to offer in her music video, granted, this is a good song. She is a hit-maker who knows how to pick a winner romance is her thing. Though her 2012 album has a big dose of the dark blues.

It's hard to judge the music video by the 22 seconds we get to see, but I think Elissa looks great in the club scene  the makeup and lighting are just right. Her fashion is also back with a chic dress, gorgeous one and more flashy outfit. She is bringing sexy back with the Canadian model who visited Lebanon for the first time and got to see all the touristy spots.

برومو كليب اليسا - أسعد واحده

برومو كليب اليسا - أسعد واحدة 2013


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