Tuesday, January 8, 2013

فليم الحفلة - كليب محمود الحسيني جو تو هيل Listen To This Garbage "Go To Hell" 2013

It sucks to be an Arab looking for original songs nowadays. It seems the movie makers of Egypt have one formula to get their movies sold. Shock the hell out of your movie goers, so they will talk about the movie. Now, they want the promo song to do just that.

Nakes ladies do not cut it anymore, so they bring a guy who sounds like a donkey and give him a one line song "Go To Hell" is that line. A song about Facebook, people who change their names to sounds more hip and those who claim to be from better areas. The song is being used to market the film to folks who do not usually have a TV set, so the radio will pick this song up.

This is fake times we live in, a noise has been captured for a little over a minute and called a new song, where the like singer screams for that time. To hell is where the movie producer and director will certainly go, not because they are artists but because the are anti-art.

The song will air instead of the trailer on those cheap low budget music networks, who are looking for free stuff.

 فليم الحفلة - كليب محمود الحسيني جو تو هيل Go To Hell 2013 

‫كليب محمود الحسينى - جو تو هيل 2013 | من فيلم الحفله


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