Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Asalah Sentenced To Prison And Fine

Syrian diva and vocal supporter of the Syrian revolution Asalah has lost her case against brother who is suing her. Iyham sued his sister for defamation and libel in Syrian court. This lawsuit has some political nature as it only took place when the songstress started taking harsh stands against the Assad regime in Syria.

According to news reports, the court sentenced for a suspended month of imprisonment and a fine of ten thousand Egyptian pound. The songstress was quoted to have called her brother mentally challenged for his vocal support for the Assad regime.

Family feuds are not very common in the Arab entertainment industry, they are very common in the West. This is unfortunate, stars have little control over family members.

كبرتك على سيدك - أصالة نصري 2012 / Kabbartak 3ala Sidak - Asala 2012


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