Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Last Time Saber El Robai Tried To Be Cool

Saber El Robai is part of the Rotana music label and as a talented musician  I think that was the dumb thing to do. They do not have time for him, they re in the businesses that make money plus they do not like to spend money on stars whom the mangers do not especially like. Saber El Robai is a big deal in Tunisia, and Lebanon.

For the past six years or so Saber has failed to have a big hit, and the fault for that is much bigger than the singer himself. His 2012 album has no memorable song, and none of its songs lived up to the singers past beloved songs. At least Roa thinks a great deal of this song, it agrees with her. Saber is a talented musician who seems to pick losers

Then came his music video few months ago, where he is playing love games with his lady, there is a beach and your dream vacation stuff. Filmed in Lebanon in partnership with Sony whose products are placed in this music video. It's worth mentioning that the best part of this song is the music, and it has been composed by the singer himself.  

saber roba3i ya 3asal 2012 - YouTube.FLV

Saber Rebaï - Ya Assal | Carthage 2012 صابر الرباعي - يا عسل


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