Friday, January 4, 2013

Rotana Stinks, Arabic Music Wins In One Survey

I have always known this, even though I watch neither of those Arabic music stations. Rotana has the biggest resources and biggest issues yet, they are running third to music networks that have little resources. A Lebanese entertainment website, took a survey among its readers.....which Arabic channel/ network leads in airing music videos.

Arabica came first--they have stars of many Arabic countries  and they seem to make them happy and to be drama free. They also have Nancy Ajram too, so the are leading the pack in new material and music videos. Arabica is based in Beirut but has many divisions through the Arab world. Melody Hits came second, the Egypt based company is a pioneer in this game, and they may have been number one had it not for the ongoing events in Egypt. Melody airs any music videos you send them, and they produce music videos too as well as movies.

Then comes the biggest disappoint of them all, Rotana, only 20 percent of the survey takers, think much of them. These Saudi music moguls have issues figuring out the music model from their fancy Saudi Arabia offices and posh Beirut cafe. They need to revamp their efforts and be nicer to the artists on their label. Rotana gets the biggest names who wan the biggest dollars, but they seem to be lazy. Only the young and energized voices make music videos the legends are not going to help you.

I want to help Rotana grow, I think their online brand needs to be beefed up a little bit. They can make all the money they want, but if people do not know them on the internet, they will hardly make any profits. Fire all those greedy and lazy entertainers, get a new line where you bring in the new talents who want o work for their dollars. Rotana cannot be a retirement home for most of those names with legacy--they too need to work


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