Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why Did You Make Me Love You?

Is the title of a really sad romance Arabic song from the golden era. The songstress behind is is none other than the legendary Laila Mourad. She was born in Egypt and had Iraqi Jewish heritage who was a singer and a Polish mother. She grew to be the biggest name in Egyptian music where in 1953 she was selected over Oum Kalthoum as the singer of the revolution.

she ruled the 40s, 50s and 60s. Her life was the subject of so many conspiracy theories like the one about her religion and her loyalty. Egyptian Jewish composer Dawood Hosni whom composed the first Arabic Operetta was among her biggest mentors. Then Abdel Wahab love her voice so he put her on a movie in 1938.

She was subjected to a number of accusations from her rivals, who stooped to a new low when they have accused her to donating money to the Israeli army. She maintained she was an Egyptian Muslims and she would never do such a thing. She was innocent and she remains one of Egypt's most famous music legends.

While she has many wonderful songs and movies, "leeh khaletni ahebak" in my book is one of her most famous songs where bittersweet romance is the theme and where hate is not an option. The song will make any guy feel like trash if he breaks with someone this nice and this loving.

ليلى مراد ( ليه خلتنى احبك ) اغنيه حزينه من اروع اغانيها