Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Pride Of Iraq's Opera Singers Baider Albesry

Iraq has many commercially successful singers and songstresses, what they do not have is many Opera caliber singers, you would think a war torn place like Iraq would not have opera capable voice, but they do have many. Among those strong voices is a female with the name Baider Albasry whose talent and Iraqi pride send her around the world in dazzling performance.

Baider just had taken part of an European opera in German alongside many celebrated musicians from around the world to perform for peace. She is the daughter of two artists who have given her their best genes. Her European debut included collaborating with British composers whose composition including Arabic, English and Aramaic lyrics.

Baider studied music in Damascus for three years, then in the Netherlands at the royal institute. She and her music group have performed in Holland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and France. She has two songs in Dutch. She often performs in Baghdad and Syria to promote peace, and harmony.

Baider's voice and style resonate well with those who like classical music with an Oriental twist. While Baider has a great voice, and she performs with grace, she has yet to get her name out there toward a mainstream commercial success that does not have to come at the expense of her superb quality.

 بيدر البصري - أيام مشغول 2012

بيدر البصري - يا نسيم الريح


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