Thursday, January 3, 2013

Listen: Yousef Arafat 2013 Single يوسف عرفات - ولا ليلة حصريا

Yousef Arfat has found his heart in a new romance single he is pushing for 2013. It's a Lebanese pop song with a catchy melody. Yousef, released few singles once he left Arab Idol where he came a third runner up and left the stage with the judges batting hi on the back. Yousef Arab Idol exit was sudden, but he made the most of it as such the young artist has been celebrated among his fans.

I feel he is starting 2013 on a high note, he has finally stumbled one a song that serves him well and offers his fans something that like from this charming young entertainer. I believe this might as well be the first hit in this new year. I dig the Greek instruments. Yousef is cementing his relatively new comer status with a golden pop song that will carry him through Valentine day concerts.  

Listen:  يوسف عرفات - ولا ليلة 2013

حصريا النجم الأردني | يوسف عرفات - ولا ليلة | جديد 2013


  1. He was in Arab Idol not Arabs Got Talent

  2. thank you....I knew that....somehow I missed it.