Thursday, January 3, 2013

WATCH: Elissa's Most Recent Appearance And Performance

You may think the world of your songs, as an artists, but if the people do not think much of your song, it's not a hit. I have heard it many times, artists think some of their son gs are overlooked--they may be right. But if the song does not make it on its own, it's worth moving pass it.

The timing of the song may not be perfect, the music might be crowded, some disaster people are watching on the news, may bury your songs, but at the end of the day, if your fans do not ask for it, it does not matters. Luckily, Lebanese romance pop songstress Elissa did not have to deal with this problem. She may not had a New Year concert, but she was not to be missed on TV.

Eight out of ten of her songs make it and please folks out there. She might not be so great in live performances  she sounds convincing on CD. One thing, she does right is make the right call. She is a control freak when it comes to choosing her songs--I have heard stdio operators complain about how she is hard to please. I do not blame her, she knows her fans and knows her strength.

For example, take her most recent appearance on TV--she was the guest of honor at sawt-al-hayat, the popular reality show about singing and competition among up and coming Egyptian talents. She really looked good, she seems to have never looked better than she did that night, and people just adore her outfit.

اليسا - اسعد واحدة / صوت الحياة - الحلقة 13

Elissa - Interview أليسا صوت الحياة

Elissa's Word @ Sout Al Hayat Prog -- كلمة اليسا فى برنامج صوت الحياة


  1. Don't kill me ya nas, but am I the only to think this lady is boring? A total case of "the emperors new clothes". A marketing trick, perhaps?