Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Examples Of Shameful Things Arab Celebrities Do

  1. They like to use English and French words in their interviews--you like in Arabic speaking country, you are speaking to Arabic speaking folks, drop the act please.
  2. They go to record a duet with non-Arab stars that no one has ever heard of and then come and tell us you are huge outside that country. First, with all due respect  nobody cares you have done a song with a Romanian, Filipino or some random rapper. Flukes do not often make a solid career. 
  3. They do not spend real money on their songs, but when it comes to the music video they pay up top dollar for that. If  your song sucks, ain't nothing going to compensate for that--not even a music video shot in London.   
  4. Filmmakers, hire unassuming tourists on the streets in places like Egypt an ask them to be in their movies. If you do not take your movie seriously, why should I?
  5. They record, mix, edit their music and movies in a foreign country, when top-notch studios and editing rooms are just as good next door. This does nothing and shows we still suffer from the complex where we prefer foreign talents to equally capable ones. 
  6. Wearing clothes with big gigantic global brands on them, some of them are even embarrassing or say idiotic things. I have yet to see someone wearing a cool outfit with Arabic brand of calligraphy on it.  
  7. They want to become stars outside their native countries. Not a bad idea, just make sure the art you make represents your country and you will be going overseas. You can make it out there by being you, singing in English is embarrassing do not try. 
  8. They have to brag about their awesome phones, nice shoes, fancy car and gadgets. Sure, not a bad thing, but keep on mind your fans do not like you because of these things. If they do not like you, you cannot buy these things no more. 
  9. They gave birth to their kids in foreign countries and give them random names. How can I believe your songs' about how much you love the motherland if you do not raise your children in it?
  10. They celebrate having a husband who is not from the same place. Like that singer who married a girl from the UK or that Egyptian soccer player who is dating a German lady. The second plays in the  national soccer team. Or that famous Lebanese singer who is singing about being an Arab knight when his own daughter boasts about being a Canadian. It's cool they like diversity, but just because you are diverse it doe snot make you superior.
  11. Anything else?
Haifa Wehbe kids songs "Baba Fen" ~ ENGLISH subtitles هيفاء وهبى بابا فين


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