Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Listen: Sweet Tamer Hussien "Fe wa7ed" تامر حسين فى واحد

Tamer Hussein channels his inner Amr Diab. Tamer Hussien is a young and talented Egyptian pop star with a soothing voice. He is back with a new song, I have liked his previous songs, but this one is a new game changer for the up and coming pop star.

It's a romantic song that reminds me of many popular his from the pop hit-maker Amr Diab. It feels like Tamer's voice is really similar to Amr Diab as he is not trying to mimic the iconic entertainer. His warmth feels natural and he makes me believe that he is singing for real.

The song is about that special person in each of our lives who make our life worth living. But sometimes we overlook that person and seek others. What one needs is look closely to find out that person who has been there all along. For some, that persons is parent, for others it's partner.

Whatever it's, this is a good song to listen to, anytime of the day alone or a company.

جديد | اغنية تامر حسين - في واحد 2013 | ماستر كاملة


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