Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Listen: محمود العسيلى - طعم الحياة ميتقاومش 2013 Mahmoud Esseily Sells Potato Chips

For a well educated pop star who makes good music more often than throwaway stuff, the stakes are higher. One of his songs is being used to tell Egyptians the taste of life is irresistible with a bag of potato chips. He is not promoting the brand with his own voice, he is calling for joy, a better way to endorse a product without actually endorsing it.

I like Mahmoud Esseily and think he makes better pop songs that most of his peers, his humor and his serious side allow him to come up with incredible songs that others enjoy. Not sure what good does it to do to sing for a potato chips. Sure he gets to take home a paycheck, but really? I might be too critical, but art should be separated from business. However, there's no shame in making money--it's his full-time job.

I would though use this fame to sell better products not the ones that make you obese. He is hardly the only star whose songs are being used to sell goods--there are many all over the globe.

 محمود العسيلى - طعم الحياة ميتقاومش 2013 Mahmoud Esseily


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