Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mehad Hamad, The Traditional Arabic Music Purist

If you want a purist singer who does Gulf style Arabic songs, then you have landed in the right place. His name is Mehad Hamad, a local singer from the United Arab Emirates who does nothing new or invented. He just works with melodies and instruments that has been available for decades.

While most new singers and composers in the region rush to incorporate Latin and Indian melodies unto the local Gulf music scene. Mehad goes back in time and brings back some of the old themes with a fresh twist.

Mehad is not an A list outside the local music scene  but those who know him, love and cherish his songs. I have come to like his voice and old Bedouin style, I love the old Arabic he uses, it makes me think I am living in another time. His chorus keeps the song relevant and exciting while he preserves the traditional both musically stylishly.

This is his Eid song where he states he is in need for the Eid--time of celebration. You will appreciate the lute   
أغنية محتاج للعيد - ميحد حمد


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