Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amjad Rahhal, The Voice's Star

A Syrian living in Dubai who can rock! Amjad Rahhal is appearing on the voice right now and as a Syrian and a singer, he has all the right equipment for classic Arabic songs. He is a family man and he sounds like a guy you would want to give him a shot, to sing not to have a fashion show.

Checkout the audio clip below for one of his fine songs,, the guy got soul. And the female "Fatin Sidawy" voice with him can carry her high notes and stand toe to toe with this talented wholesome entertainer. If you like the song, you will also be pleased to know Amjad has composed it as a master Oud player not only does he sing but he also comes up with some fascinating compositions.

Amjad rahhalأمجد رحال خبرني يا طير .flv


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