Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Trashy Maya And Haifa Outfits This New Year

I do not mean to be a fashion critic, but I like to think I have an eye for outfits that I like. Sadly  two entertainers were not lucky with their choice of outfit for their respective new year parties. I think Maya Diab did not look good in that random outfit she sported at her concert. Maya is celebrating a new groundbreaking music video

It may have been a good outfit to wear but for someone else, not for someone with the structure of Maya's figure. And the same goes to Haifa Wehbe, who looks to shock especially after her recent divorce. Again, she let it all hang out of her dress. Revealing most of her attractions has always been a sure bet to generate attention, but not the good kind. As for her concert it was lively with dancers all the way form France and amazing computer affects.

On the other side, I was very pleased with Shatha Hassoun's dress selection  she looks really good in her elegant and classy choice. The Iraqi entertainer, did not want to show her body parts, she wore something that make her look desirable and not trashy. Maybe it was because she was in Dubai and the two pop divas with less than sexy outfits were partying in Lebanon.  Lebanese singing gem Yara also appeared on the same concert with Shatha and rocked the simple and dazzling red dress look.

I do not mean to pick on ladies, but most guys chose a suite for their appearances during their new year eve concerts.

كواليس حفل هيفا وهبي - ليلة رأس السنه 2012

حصريا هيفا وهبي سمعنى من حفل البيال - ليلة راس السنة 2013


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