Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Murex D'or Awards Should Go To Best Shoes Says Amal Hijazi

Lebanon's biggest entertainment awards are the Murex D'or are a huge deal for Arab and Lebanese entertainers  They throw a big gala too where rich people can mingle with stars who want to tell one another, "I am Better than You"

Amal Hijaz appeared on the popular TV show "Sorry Bas" where she did speak her mind about a number of things including the famed awards. Here's what she had to say, "Those awards should go to the best shoes and purses, most of those awards are paid for and I do not care much for them" I think she is right, it's all about big business buying awards and yes on the fashion shows those entertainers put on.

She also commented that she likes her home girl romance gem Elissa because she did not like fake people. Amal is not singing now because of her pregnancy and the matters going on in the Arab world, where people are dying. "This violence has to stop, we are all Arabs"

On Fadel Shaker, he is a big singer with a sensitive side who has made a lot of people happy. She also agreed that there is good art and bad art. I like Amal's honesty, it's refreshing.

Amal Hijazi- Ya Weylak min Allah


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