Tuesday, January 1, 2013

14 Years Later, Mona Abdel Ghany Returns

In my book and form generation, she was the first pop star we have come to known, her light dances and high sense of fashion at the time, told us it's fun to be a grownup. We likes her song, her personality and her music. Mona Abdel Ghani, was not something you would miss if you had a TV set. She has a lot of good songs, and her cassettes were top sellers.

Yet 14 years ago, she quit the music industry. But she returns this time for a good virtue album about family, friendship and all the public announcements one can make. But the music and the lyrics are not left to new comers. Mona is collaboration with the likes of Bahaa Aldeen (Lyrics) Mohamed and Waleed Saad for the music.

The album will also have national songs for Egypt. There will be 10 tracks and no release date so far. Mona became a pop star in the 80s by joining a band that has been known as Al Asdeqaa "The Friends , music by Ammar El Sariey. They released two band albums before going solo. I know I am curious to hear this album.

Mona abdel-ghani _ yalla ya as7ab منى عبدالغني - يلا يا أصحاب


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