Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Don't Believe The News About #Syria, I Believe In Wafeek Habib

Syrian songs are making a strong comeback, young people love them because they are very upbeat, manly and pleasant to the ear. Among Syria's major players is new comer Wafeek Habib, a guy who knows how to make any party awesome. He starts off with a Mawal--lyric with minimal music.
Unlike the Lebanese style, the Syrian style is a lot closer to the Iraqi dialect. Which to say, it's manly.

Syrian pop has never took its chance until 2008, when those Syrian soap operas started marketing it and the stars on their shows. Syria makes good music, but pop has never been their thing really. Wafeek and few other voices are changing that. Passionate lyrics, dance music, and a feel good tracks make all the difference. Those stars have travled to places like Algeria to perform their songs to new laces.

Too bad, Syria has seen some better days, I do not trust the news but if Wafeek was delivering the news it might be something I would watch.

اصحاب نجوم - الفنان وفيق حبيب - دبكة تحت الدوالي

وفيق حبيب - طلبني ع الموت بلبيك - فيديو كليب 2012 Wafeek Habib HD


  1. Is Wafeek Habib Christian Or A Muslim? Please tell me,