Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Videos Of New Year 2013 Concerts In Beirut

The winner of the Voice, Mourad Bourky had his first concert and he was the fireworks of the night, he performed next to Assi Hallani. Together they appeared in Lebanon.

The new year is the biggest night for people who like music and enjoy drinking. Ragheb Alama also had his concert that night--most stars have more than one engagement on this night. Ragheb danced with the ladies on the stage. Happy New Year to all those people out there, I know  was optimistic for 2012, but I do not feel the same way about 2013....last year we had the least number of albums released.

Dubai and Beirut had the most fun, not so much in Cairo, though there have been few concerts here and there on a small scale and little publicity. I know each one of those artists wished for a better new year speaking of politics and change. Those are videos shot from the audience vantage point and they are not the best quality.

الفنان المغربي مراد بوريكي ليلة راس السنة -khabar3ajel.com

راغب علامة سهرة راس السنة - khabar3ajel.com

عاصي الحلاني ليلة راس السنة - khabar3ajel.com


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