Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When Singers Act And Actors Sing

In Lebanon this is not a big trend, but in Egypt it's very common for a singer to act and for an actor to sing. Though many more singers turn into acting as few actors turn into singing. This is largely a conspiracy between an underemployed singer, and a greedy producer. The singer thinks he or she can act. And that acting is nothing more than a prolonged music video.

Producers want to try any formula, singers might settle for less, and being a singer, they already have a solid fan base so that helps. And for more reason  singers can star in the promotional movie song to drum up the marketing and the press. Having said that, most singers star in commercial movies where little talent is required. But then you get your all around stars like the legends Shadya and Abed El Halim Hafiz who excelled in both acting and singing. Some would argue that Tamer Hosny is a better actor than Amr Diab (starred in five movies) ever was.

As for actors turning into singing, you get them once in a while, though most sing for their movie or do a song as part of their character. However those do not seem to be very successful. Donya Samir Ghanem is trying to start a music career, Youssra has sang before and Haifa has acted before--she did a fine job. I know there's politics as actors do not like to see singers enter the acting domain.

And there is Mousta Amar who is a composer, turned singer turned actor. While his pop career has not been going well lately, his movies do get a major release. His acting career has been a mixed bag. Then you get so many Lebanese pop songstress trying to act (Maya Nasry, Dolly Chahine, Nicole Saba, Marwa and such). But for the most parts those do not play lead roles, and often have to reveal some skin. I know a lot of producer would shell serious money to see Nancy Ajram in a movie-so far she has declined all offers.  

مصطفى قمر وريهام عبد الغفور يحتفلان بـ"جوه اللعبة"


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