Thursday, January 10, 2013

Adel Ogla In Virginia Concert With @UTN1_Band

Iraqis like to party and one of the voices that gets them to put on their game on face and swing is Adel Ogla, the man of the blues infused with Iraqi dance music. The Iraqi star is holding a mega concert with the band UTN1 on the second of February in Alexandria Virginia.

The well traveled Iraqi artists who is on demand for concerts thrown by Iraqis living away form home. Ogla and UTN1 will give the people a taste of home. I know they will also perform other pop favorites to bring a percent nights to their concert goers. I like how they bring Iraqi families in droves to attend their concerts. I resepct that, this is not an evening for testosterone filled young men doing goofy things.

Aside from the great music, the cheerfdul company, I am sold for the buffet and the atmosphere.
Adel Ogla Party in Vancouver, Canada Khala ya Khala عادل عكله

Adel Ogla - Khulfallah 3aleek.wmv


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