Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Shirtless Wissam Hilal Celebrates Being Single

There are many Arab voices who think they have what it takes to record and release pop songs in English. The latest to join the club is Syrian up and coming Wissam Hilal. He made the move to Lebanon and it seems to have a great impact on his career and his choices.

While in Lebanon, most music exes thought he has the ability to change the landscape of commercial English pop music in the Middle East. He now lives in Dubai  a city so hungry for fresh and new ideas  among them is no doubt Wissam Hilal. His debut came in 2008 with the release of his 'You Belong To Me' album. The album contained 8 original tracks (pop/rock) and was released locally in Syria and Lebanon and was well received.

Upon graduating from college with a degree in English literature, Wissam made the move to Dubai where he began recording tracks for the album, working with acclaimed Lebanese talents and Hollywood bound entertainers. While the album is being recorded, 6 tracks are not ready, among them the song you will see below "Single" that continues to draw success even before its official release. The music video for "Single" was filmed in Dubai.
And if that's not enough, Wissam has already collaborated with  "Miss Intercontinental" pop singer Nancy Afyouni to record the new smash hit "Got Them Dancing". Here's what I think about Single, I think it has great production, Wissam has the look and persona. He is certainly has a sense of style even with his shades. Like most pop songs, it's hard to tell the quality of the vocal performance. If you hate this track, it;s because you are really not a big fan of pop music not because Wissam is missing something .

I like how Wissam has turned a negative term--single into something hot again. I think Wissam has a skill he is already putting to a good use. What comes next is really important. Focus on the Middle East (clubs, colleges and concerts), and once you build the fan base, look abroad.

Wissam Hilal - Single


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