Thursday, January 10, 2013

WATCH: The Funniest Egyptian Movie Trailers 2013 "فيلم على جثتي" "" فيلم فبراير الاسود

It seems that the country of Egypt is not done being funny despite all the drama one sees unfold every day, the filmmakers in that nation are gearing up for a funny year.

There are the two most recent film trailers one for the always funny, and creative Ahmed Hilmi who reunited with Ghada Adel, and the second for eccentric dark funny man Khalild Salih. I have always criticized trashy movies, like the ones they make with belly dancers and a half baked singer. But I must admit, those two new trailers make me think the movies will be nothing short of hilarious. The film has a positive message, be kind and nice to people around you becaseu you do not want them your death to make them happy.

I love the twisted humor of the Black February movie that deals with the social classes of Egypt, the ones who change who they are to survive the times. It's a great plot and it comes in a perfect time, great writing al around. The Over My Dead Body, is witty, smart and fast. The jokes are all over the trailer, and the actors seem to have loved being part of this film.

I cannot wait to see those movies, and I hope they make all the money in the world--those are serious films with wonderful scripts and solid casting. Not farcical clowning around.

As for the movie with a political and social message was the one about black February, it pokes fun of the grim reality--the educated ones no one cares about them, if you are government thug or a business man, they cater to you.

إعلان فيلم على جثتي - أحمد حلمي - غادة عادل

 تريلر فيلم فبراير الاسود - فيلم لـ محمد أمين


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