Thursday, January 10, 2013

WATCH: The Official Elissa As3ad Wahda / إليسا - أسعد واحدة

Elissa is getting old, but her style and her spirit do not have to. Just see her swoon the hell out of some Canadian model who shared the screen with her romancing one another. There is a large portion of the music video that has green screen. But frankly, Salim Turk has outdone himself one more tie for Elissa's finish product.

It feels like the same Elissa of 2003, the playful romantic who is in love like her life depends on it. This time for the first time, she take son the dance floor and break the wooden mold she has shaped for herself. This is some welcome change. With this clip, Elissa is telling her fans and her critics, she still has the skill and talent to dominate the charts one more time. I do not know what people will say about her puffier look, but I do not loath it.

You can even spot a little tattoo on her upper shoulder, this is an attempt to keep up with the other pop divas and beat them to doing something cool in lowdown way. Elissa might never have been with a guy she truly loves, she it's now certain to me that she knows how to do all the girly stuff that guys are suckers for.  

She does have some moves, and I think the cellphone scene is some product placement--a Rotana policy states all music videos have to feature a product. Same goes for the car. Elissa seems to be living up to the lyrics of her song where she proclaims to be the happiest gal. I like the running on walls affect, it's fresh, and moving, but I won't hold it against you if you do not love it. It does feel like the movie "Inception" for a second. It might even make you a bit dizzy.

Elissa VC As3ad Wahda Exclusive ROTANA / إليسا - أسعد واحدة


  1. she has had a tattoo on her shoulder for a long time, its a blue flower