Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hamada Helal Picks Up His Date In A Tank

Hamada Hilal does not kid when he means business  He takes a tank as a mean to pick his date up. He picks flowers, drives his ride trough downtown as people watch him being clueless driving this giant vehicle around town.

People run away from it, movie poster about tanks also emerges. Fast food restaurants have a cameo. This is a fun video perhaps used to make the army look attractive for the young folks. Then all works out in the end, he breaks into the villa and scares everyone there. However, his love interest is there standing and looking cute.

But since this is Egypt, the military police show sup and handcuffs the lover boy, taking him to the station. This is a fun video that people will like because Hamada is a likable guy who can tell a joke.

Tasawer - Hamada Helal تصور - حماده هلال


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