Thursday, January 10, 2013

Video: Remember When Singers Sucked Up To Mubarak?

They have made an operetta to sing for the former president Mubarak--he was not former then. He was all mighty, and according to the song, the people have chosen him. Now, the singers who have anything nice to say about Mubarak are so rare. We have to go back to a simpler time, when the dictator wanted a love song, he got what he asks for.

The hired all the big guns of Egyptian music to perform this song to the man as he was accompanied by his wife. He was so happy, smiling and nodding to those clowns who were given Mubarak credit for anything working in Egypt and none of the blame 

He is one of us says one line, another says I have no business with him, but I love the man. It sucks to see so many loved singers sucking up to the man, those are legends to so many. This was made in 1990, times were different then. He was president for just 9 years. There was also Latifa from Tunisian singing she chose him--that's illegal.

أوبريت اخترناه / الأصلى ( حقيقيا وكاملا )


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