Friday, January 11, 2013

Mario Really Hates The Month Of January, Listens To His Song

Mario hates the month of January, because it's so cold and freezing, keeping him away form his gal. No one has sang a song to declare how much he or she hates a certain month, so Mario who is Lebanese (with that name you ought to be) is doing something new.

The song was aired on various radios in Lebanon and outside, it was received warmly, and Mario did have a concert appearance this new year in Beirut. He is talking about shooting a music video for release. This is a clever song to lunch his name to the masses. But he has been around since 2001 ever since he appeared on the Studio El Fan to win the hearts of viewers who come to love his classical covers.

Mario is a mix of Lebanese charm with a hint of that sad romantic guy you know. I really like the music, the song comes with a good melody. And Mario is well-paced in this song , he sounds like he grew up listening to only the finest Arabic songs, he comes form a good home.

 ماريو ضو كانون 2013 النسخة الاصلية


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