Friday, January 11, 2013

The Song Arafat Loved عبد الله حداد التكتيك العربي

Arafat have always understood the power of music, he is a big fan and he would often go to concerts, support singers and listen to music. He is a man of the people whose life has ended leaving us with many questions.

He likes old school--usually old men who believed in him who were feeling nostalgic about the golden days, about Arab unity and never giving up. The footage were taken in the 80s where you can see top Fateh leaders that were all assassinated around the globe.

Abdallah Haddad is the name of the artist who singer and plays the lute, the poem is about regrets for being a decent person--decent persons finish last. Born in historic Palestine then to Syria were he was made a refuge then to Lebanon where he worked in radio, theater and then writing. He worked in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The bulk of his work is focused on reviving the Palestinian heritage and folklore. He would move to Denmark in 1990 and died there in 1994

There is a funny line in the song where you see the audience cracking up.

 الفنان عبد الله حداد التكتيك العربي YouTube


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