Friday, January 11, 2013

New Comer Ahmed Abdel Fattah Blooms Early

It's never a good sign when I search for a singer and fail to find a picture, a Facebook page for the artist. If he or sh do not make it easy for me to find them, chances are, I am not the only one. Sure some have common names, like the artist below, but still there has to be a way where they can link their names with the name of their song.

Get this new comer, a young Egyptian skinny guy who is out with a new music video offering to romance you while he reconciles his past.  I like the indie feel the clip and the song have, the lyricist is the same person as the music video director Sami Bsat. I like the vague rock music that one can hears in the song.

I like this song and think the comments from people on YouTube speak volumes of how well people received any given song.

Ahmed Abdel Fattah Ya Retny أحمد عبد الفتاح يا ريتني ما شوفتها


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