Friday, January 11, 2013

WTF? This Dance Music Video Makes No Sense

Those dancers do not have to be Egyptians  but the song is the most ghetto song you will hear this venture. A bunch of girls wearing tops are dancing (or shaking it) and this donkey like voice entertainer spits out his song like a venom creeping into one's brain.

I only landed on this video because an artists I follow, liked this video--she is dead to me now. What do you like about this crappy song where auto-tune garbage of a shitty noise. Here's the kicker the man behind this noise, is known as Saeed Kammba he is a college graduate. That's sad because he sounds like he should ask his university for a refund. 

Here's another sad reality check, almost all people dancing to those songs are never females. They are often confused and broke teens and young men who like to dance in crowded streets late at night at weddings and block parties.

 saeed kammba رقص عين شمس والمطريه والحسنيه القهراوى مرحبتين


  1. Musical quality aside, the guy is a thief unless he got permission to use somebody else's video footage with his song. The original performance was to a different recording: