Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oreeb, The Native Dubai Gal That Rocks!

Some singers taken their pictures when they are not ready on the inside. But looking the picture for pop songstress Oreeb, I will confirm this is the picture of someone who is life loving. Her latest and hottest song is the product of the United Arab Emirates top talents--Fayez Al Said composed the music and the local and sentimental pope Al Jomoo'h crafted the lyrics.

The title translates to "Exclusive Statement" and the single follows Oreeb's breakout album. This young and dazzling Emirati pop songstress is just getting warmed up and the Arab world is just getting to know her. Her business manger is music producer who cares to see her succeed on all fronts. This is her third single in her seven year long music career.

Oreeb sings to accomplish her dreams and haters are not going to stop, she is an artists and she has shown a much, I think she has a genuine talent that will shape her career and influence the music scene locally.
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