Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aseel Omran Making Pop Poetry اسيل عمران انا وحبيبي

She is a full blown Saudi with some serious talent, and she is not going to hide that to please some jerks and people who want women to live couple of centuries behind. But this is about pop not about social commentary, here's Aseel new single.

Simply titled "My Lover And I" Aseel returns to singing after dabbling into acting when she played the role of  marathoner. This is Aseel's first single since the release of her 2011 album. I really hate all those piggish comments Saudis make toward Aseel and other entertainers in their country--they would love to see them disappear. But guess what, Aseel has a good head on her shoulder, so she knows what she is doing. She is also a family woman!

Enjoy Aseel's single, and appreciate
اسيل عمران انا وحبيبي


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